About Me

I am an artist by profession though I have no formal training in art. I believe that art cannot be taught, it is a process of self discovery. I have been painting all my life, my first solo art exhibition was when I am in Grade 9 in school. I went through the usual career choice of Chartered Accountancy but decided to follow my heart’s desire to become a full time artist and a rich and famous one at that.

About my work

To hell with the rules… I paint what I like!

I have always followed my heart when it comes to painting. So I don’t have any fixed ideas and deliberate style. I go with the flow of inspiration creating works in varied styles, continuously evolving and improving myself. For me the essence of art has always been a communication, the ability to transfer a feeling or idea beyond myself. I generally use happy colors and I believe my works portray peace and joy that bring positive energy into spaces. Best known for art that makes one think I believe my art is a message to the world. Every piece that I create contains deep, meaningful and profound thought. Being an artist gives me a special ability to see beauty in mundane things and appreciate everything around us at a deeper level. It is like living life with rosy glasses on.


I aim to open a free art school for the under privileged children. Also a world class institute for professional art courses. Art should be free and accessible to all. It is a powerful medium and if used correctly art can create a significant difference in our world. My aim is to spread positivity and well being through my art. I am here to make an impact leaving my footprints firmly planted for future generations to inspire.


  • Started painting at a very early age.
  • My First Solo Painting Exhibition held when I was in 9th Grade in School.
  • Went through the usual career choice of Chartered Accountancy, but decided to follow my heart’s desire to be an artist and “a rich & famous one” at that.
  • To be able to help the poor children develop their art by opening an art school for them
  • Spreading love and happiness through my artworks…

List of exhibitions

    • 2016. – Balgandharva Art Gallery, Pune
    • 2015 – Art Circle Gallery Manila, Philippines
    • 2013- India Habitat Center, Open Palm Court Gallery, New Delhi.
    • 2009-Sutlej Club, Ludhiana
    • 2008-Art Folio, Sector – 09, Chandigarh
    • 2008-India Habitat Center (Experimental Art Gallery), New Delhi
    • 2005-Sutlej Club, Ludhiana (Collaboration with Ludhiana Architect Associations)
    • 2003-Art Gallery, Pune
    • 2002-North Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad
    • 1993-Nazareth Academy, Gaya
    • 1992-IGI Stadium, Gaya
    • October 2018 – Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London.
    • 2018 – Dimensions 2 , DD Neroy Gallery , Mumbai .
    • 2018 – India Art Festival , Nehru Centre Mumbai.
    • 2016. – Global Art Fair , WTC Mumbai
    • 2014 – Florals, Tilting Art Gallery Pune
    • 2009-Art Expo, Chandigarh
    • 2004-ABHIRUCHI – Exhibition of artists of Central India organized by Allahabad Museum
    • 1995-State level painting exhibition, Patna

DIRECTOR of TAW Designs private limited . A company dealing with Architectural designing and consultancy and Art consultancy and workshops

  • Selected International Jury for International Art contest by Artmaster Australia. RECOGNITION by ALLAHABAD MUSEUM
  • Designated as FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH in International Artist Group- ARTS & HEARTS ON FACEBOOK in Feb, 2015.
  • Designated as Artist of the Year in international artist group – Purity in Art in June 2016
Special mention
  • Invited judge for interschool art competition of secondary level 2015 at DPS pune
  • Invited special guest and speaker at All India conference of school excellence awards 2017 in Pune

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