Melancholy… A Part of Life

February 5th 2017
Light and darkness exist side by side. They are but two faces of a coin. Unless you know darkness you cannot appreciate light. And so sadness is… An essential part of life… A vital element.. To make you appreciate your... Read more

Open Your Mind

January 30th 2017
The only place you are truly free is your mind. Yet you insist on caging it, like a fragile bird. Set your mind free! The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is yourself. Free your mind... Read more

Abstract Thoughts

October 3rd 2016
Abstract art is visual poetry. The formlessness tell a story that can be so personal to the viewer and more so to the creator. For making an abstract I need to unconditioned myself when encountering the surface of canvas. I... Read more

Developing an Art Style

September 26th 2016
I have often been told that my range of ideas on canvas varies. There is always something new in my artworks every time. Many people also told me to develop my own style. I then wonder how to do that?... Read more